Have we missed the f’booking boat? Facebook Advertising for Business

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Facebook Advertising for Businesses

Amazing results from Facebook’s advertising business.

No, actually I take that back. There were some astonishing, astounding results for Facebook today. Also note the use of the word ‘for’.

So what, it doesn’t affect us.

Well unfortunately, for most businesses it does affect you as it means you may have missed the boat.

Which boat have we missed?

Here is the best way I ...

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SEO is dead, but what marketing can we do instead?

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It isn’t often that an entire multi-billion dollar industry collapses almost overnight.

What industry are we talking about?

SEO is dead what next

SEO or search engine optimisation was the art (or science) of manipulating your way to the top of the listings on Google or another search engine.

As a brief explanation for those who don’t know how search engines work.

There are billions of ...

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SME Marketing in 2014

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SME marketing in 2014

WE have lots of conversations every day with companies who are getting ready for an increase in their SME marketing activity in 2014.

Sustained recovery is underway

The Bank of England have publicly announced that the UK is in a period of sustained recovery and all of the economic indicators are pointing north.

Economic recovery was always going to happen ...

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Sales and Marketing Activity, what comes first?

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A bit like the old riddle of which came first, the chicken or the egg, many companies seem unsure about what comes first, the marketing or the sales?

Sales and Marketing Activity

In terms of cause and effect, it can certainly be a challenge to work out sometimes.

First then, let’s start with a question.

Is it possible for someone to buy from you if ...

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A look back on years of blogging

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KnowledgeBank Retrospective 07-13

EVERY few years or maybe longer in some cases, artists looks back on work they have produced.

In the art world, this is known as a retrospective.

If you consider writing a blog as an art form, surely it would also make sense to have an occasional retrospective for that medium.

In reality, due to the here today, gone tomorrow style of ...

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What is my customer data worth?

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database value

We are often asked ‘What is my customer data worth?’

Three company directors from Merseyside have been banned for a combined 36 years for selling warranty cover to Sky customers for the maintenance and repair of satellite equipment.

At first, this might seem straightforward. They hadn’t been legally authorised to offer warranty support.

The Value of Profiled Customer Data

When we dig a bit deeper, ...

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Buying data from abroad. Are you willing to take the risk?

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I heard a bit of a cracker today that I just had to share.

buying data from abroad

A while ago we got an inbound enquiry from a reputable organisation looking for some email marketing data for a marketing campaign.

The enquiry wasn’t  too complex. There were some geographic criteria and also a few ideas around businesses that might be more relevant for the campaign.

We completed the counts got some pricing for ...

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