Why Microsoft will beat Google, Apple and Facebook – Part 2

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We posted quite a while ago about the reasons that Microsoft are set to win the battle for the future of PC technology and had lots of responses about why we were right and wrong. The response was fantastic, so thanks for the feedback.

Since that time, we are seeing our predictions already becoming reality and the Kinect technology is starting to widen it’s reach. First, apparently a deal has been done to incorporate the technology directly into televisions, though this seems to still require an Xbox to make it run. Second, not only has the Microsoft stopped not condoning Kinect hacks, but now actively supports them through the launch of an SDK for developers. This seems to be the start of the adaptation of Kinect for use across the technology spectrum.

Have a look at this cool video – it won’t be long before the user interface from Minority Report becomes a reality!

And here’s an Android 3d Phone!


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