Another week another Google Mailer.

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Another week has come and gone and another Google mailer arrived this morning.

This one is plainer than the AdWords mailing piece we received a couple of weeks ago and this time it is promoting Google Apps – basically its a single sheet of A4 in a letter format. The letter is addressed to a different contact than last time, which is interesting and this time they are using an almost identical address as the Display Network mailer, though this time the office number is missing, which is possibly more surprising than the previous one. It is still using an out of date address though so we now have several mailers, all with similar, but slightly different data. Because we track all of our mailing addresses back to their sources, we know that this one is from a specific magazine mailing list, so we suspect it is targeted at IT decision makers.

Unfortunately, they didn’t offer us another £75 like last time – as we are also a Google Apps existing customer too and the cash could have contributed to a small party in the office!

It has also been interesting that the majority of feedback to our blogging about these mailers seems to be people expressing surprise that Google do direct mail at all, rather than the data accuracy issues. If you read back through the blog, we have explained why this is the case – if you aren’t using direct mail at the moment because you thought that online was the only means of communicating with your prospects and you think that maybe you should be after reading this, get in touch with one of our team and we’ll explain how it might work for you.

By the way, we aren’t knocking the product here, as many of you will already know, Google Apps is really good. If you haven’t tried it yet, we strongly recommend you have a look.

Isn’t it about time we received a mailer from Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter? If anyone has one already let us know.


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