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I got a nice piece of direct mail today and this inspired us to dedicate a new section of the blog to some of the mailings we receive on a daily basis, particularly some of the more memorable ones.

We have no idea of whether the campaigns we will include are good, bad or ugly in terms of response and conversion, though our aim is to simply showcase a few and open up the discussion to you to see what you think. We all see lots of innovative and funky online campaigns that really catch our attention (such as the Old Spice ads), though it seems that much creativity is aimed at this space and that old fashioned direct marketing is drawing the short straw when it comes to funky stuff.

If you would like to submit your own, please feel free to email pictures of them to us here and we will publish some of them on the blog. Hey, if it proves popular, we might even start a section for the terrible ones too!

Here is the first one then from Audi promoting the new A1. Though we have had some issues with their customer service in the past, thankfully, this negativity hasn’t affected their marketing activity when looking for new customers…

The envelope has lots of branding on it and makes it clear that it is going to be high quality from the off. Only a second class stamp though. The accompanying letter is personalised to the local dealer and it also has a picture of the relevant contact at that dealership which is an excellent example of personalisation. It is also correctly addressed, which means a lower goneaway rate.

audi mailer 1

Accompanying the letter is a marvellous pop out info brochure and this works really well. See below for a picture of it.

audi mailer 2

I have to say that this one really impressed me and the team. It actually opens up as you pull on the little arrow on the right hand edge of the piece and then as you pull harder it turns each page of the booklet. Very cool. So much so that we are thinking about nicking this one for our own mailer, so if anyone knows where you get these from, email or tweet us!


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