Audience Profiling

Data profiling enables you to understand who your customers are and then use this powerful information to: –

• Generate more profitable sales from your existing customers

• Identify the best possible new prospects

• Reduce prospecting costs to low value customers

• Increase your understanding of your customer base

There are more than 3 million businesses in the UK and most companies are only interested in a subset of the business universe. Different products and services within their portfolio are relevant for different businesses, specific decision makers and therefore our analysis of the target audience delivers insight based on this.

Our philosophy is to use knowledge, to find the right decision maker with the right requirement in the right company at the right time.

Our analysis and audience profiling capabilities are designed to improve the chances of communicating with prospects using these four principles and as this varies in each case, we will need to discuss this in more depth with you.

Direct, Digital and Social media Audience Profiles

Once we have identified your audience profile, this can be applied to every sales and marketing channel including

  • Direct marketing – where we can provide new data for email, direct mail and telemarketing
  • Digital Marketing – we can find the places where your audience is likely to be so we can engage them with content
  • Social Media Marketing – We can build custom audiences with each network and build follower strategies

By using your audience profiles across each network, we can maximise the chance of your content reaching them.

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