Data Cleaning


With any B2B marketing activity, there are a number of ways to select new B2B prospects and often these include using existing prospect databases and often your existing customer database.

Typically, many organisations do not have ongoing data cleaning for their existing data, meaning that over time, the quality of their own B2B data reduces in its effectiveness.

KnowledgeBank can take your existing data and cleanse and enhance your records to: –

  1. Refresh the address information and bring up to a PAF standard.
  2. Add telephone numbers and email addresses where available.
  3. Enhance your data with additional fields such as company turnover and employee banding.
  4. Append the SIC and detailed classifications for your existing customers database to understand what they do.
  5. Provide additional decision maker information and the relevant business email addresses.

Matching to a clean database

Often the least expensive way to clean data is to match your data to an existing more up-to-date database. This will never be 100% accurate and not every record will be updateable.

Telephone Data Cleaning

The most expensive way to clean data is to telephone every record in the database. We do not often recommend doing this unless you have a high return on investment available or a very good reason as the cost can be high.

If you want more information about our data cleaning service, please fill in the form or give us a call on 01772 978 101.