B2B Data Lists

Increased Coverage

With more than 70 different sources and types of data, KnowledgeBank developed theĀ ProspectBank, a business database providing coverage of the whole of the UK business universe.

It gives b2b marketers access to more than 3.2 million business data records and more than 4.2 million decision maker contacts from across the UK.

Independent Provision

Because we access data from a number of sources, we are not dependent on any one source and therefore able to supplement our own data with the best available records from across the entire market.

Enhanced Data

We also enhance data by deriving intelligence, which then creates added value to the data.

For example, using our Business Lifestage modelling, we are able to find more appropriate times to communicate with many businesses, ensuring you are talking to them when they are more likely to be information gathering or preparing to purchase new products and services.

Specialist Data Lists

Sometimes the data you require will be detailed specific decision makers which is not available from standard sources. In these cases we will either use on of our specialist sources or even build the database for you.

Here are some examples of specialist data lists:-

  • HR Decision Maker Lists
  • Event Manager and Organiser Lists
  • IT Decision Maker Lists
  • Fleet Decision Maker Lists
  • Health and Safety Decision Maker Lists

To find out more about our ProspectBank or specialist b2b data lists, get in contact with us on 01772 978 101.