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You know it’s been a while since you last blogged, when one of your readers phones you to ask you why not.


As many of you who read our blog regularly know, we only tend to write when we have something to blog about and a lot of our content is ‘evergreen’, that is to say it stays relevant for quite a long time. Having said this, we get lots of visitors so I think it is only fair for us to post a bit more regularly. Apologies if you missed us…

Like most things in life, inspiration comes in bursts and social media can seem a bit relentless for a lot of business people. I think if you get to a point where you feel you have to write, even if you have nothing to say, in order to ‘not lose’ your audience, it isn’t really fulfilling it’s purpose.

So what am I going to write about…

Well, I had a moment of inspiration brought on while having a good cup of english tea and so we have launched a new tumblr blog as a result.

Our aim is to get our readers and their friends, to contribute interesting places where they have been socially interrupted. Basically, this means a situation or place where you have come across a social media link, in a place you weren’t expecting it. We are experimenting with it for now, though please send us pictures and we’ll try our best to add the most interesting ones.

If we use Seth Godin’s analogy of the purple cow, it is perfectly possible that the most effective place to put links to our social media presences is in the places people are most surprised to see them.

Time for a brew

As we have already alluded to above, our inspiration and first example is Yorkshire Tea.

This caught us by surprise in the office. Now we aren’t sure of the average social demographic of Yorkshire tea, but we were delighted to find a facebook link lurking inside the edge of the box.

Now every time we want a brew, we also want to join their Facebook page. Clever.



This is something we want to develop, partly to inspire the people who attend our Social Media for Business programmes and also because we suspect that in the coming months and years, there may be some interesting places that these pop up.

Happy submitting and let’s see who comes up with the strangest or most interesting Social Interrupt you can email your entries to


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