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So the re-brand is done and we’ve launched the new site. It’s a very exciting time here and we’d like to thank everyone for the positive feedback on the new look. As a part of the process, we are going to be running several new features both on the website and the blog. We’ve really given the lead to social media on the new site including incorporating our twitter feed and blog into our website home page so we’re working hard to produce (we hope) quality content for both.

The first new feature here is going to be Campaign Focus. We’re going to be looking at a campaign we’re working on during the month and hopefully this can provide a useful resource for when you are thinking about and planning your campaigns.

The British Red Cross – Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge


The British Red Cross do fantastic work, helping those in crisis at home and overseas and the work they do on a daily basis inspires us. In the UK, they focus on four main areas:-

  • Emergency response – helping individuals and communities respond to and recover from emergencies, such as floods, fires and evacuations
  • First aid training – Promote life-saving and other humanitarian skills so individuals can be ready to help their own communities
  • Health and social care –helping people during difficult periods of their life, such as an illness, breakdown in support arrangements or bereavement
  • Refugees and other vulnerable migrants – helping new arrivals to the UK and work to reunite families separated by conflicts and disasters.

Around the world their work focuses on:-

  • Emergency response – helping communities affected by conflicts and disasters
  • Disaster preparedness – working in countries that are vulnerable to disasters, giving communities the skills and tools to survive
  • Health and social care – supporting vulnerable communities with a range of healthcare needs, including HIV, tuberculosis, community healthcare, and water and sanitation
  • International humanitarian law – promoting the international laws governing the way conflicts are fought, minimising the negative effects they have on civilians and combatants.

Obviously to continue this valuable work in helping those in need they need to raise money. One major area of this is to run events where individuals and groups are sponsored to conduct acts of individual or team excellence. One such challenge is the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge where participants walk over 24 miles taking in the summits of Pen-y-Ghent (694 metres/2,276 feet), Whernside (736metres/2,415 feet) and Ingleborough (723 metres/2,372 feet).The event has been running for four years and has grown substantially in that time proving popular with participants and generating some fantastic donations for the cause. This year the Red Cross are hoping to increase participation further and raise even more


When the British Red Cross first contacted us about promoting the event to the business community, we were highly enthusiastic about working with such a great cause and had some initial ideas about selecting the best possible data for the campaign. The idea is to communicate with businesses in the Yorkshire area and based on previous experience, a highly effective approach is to provide relevant sized companies with posters and information to put up around the office and also in the canteen. This tends to result in the staff entering teams for the event.

Having evaluated the response to previous events, it became apparent that there were a number of prospect types which better matched the profile required and we were then able to segment these businesses into a profile for selection purposes. We also looked at other potential factors within businesses with high footfall who could also put up the posters in the window and raise money this way.

Having identified the required profiles, these were applied to the ProspectBank Universe and then combined with a series of geographical and drivetime areas, deemed more likely to participate in the event, based on proximity. The whole process yielded a substantial volume of records and these were then filtered by KnowledgeBank to create a final selection of data which combines direct mail, email and telephone data for the marketing campaign.

How to sign up

If you’ve been inspired by the work of the Red Cross and would be interested in would like to take part in the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge then you can visit the event page here:

or look at the other Red Cross events taking place in your area


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