What should I post on my blog and How often should I post on my blog?

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I have been blogging about marketing for quite a few years now and we also work with clients to help them produce content and blogs.

A couple of interesting questions that people often ask is

“How often should I post on my blog?” and “What should I post on my blog?”

Now, there are lots of trains of thought around this. I have heard experts talk about once a day, three times a week, once a week and others say, when you feel ...

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How to be a complete & utter failure at online PR

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Follow our top 11 tips & we GUARANTEE you’ll soon be making the same mistakes as everyone else!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking –

Hang on, isn’t the point of all these articles to provide helpful information?

Well frankly the interweb is full of advice from experts, and as a poor copywriter living in a suburban broom-cupboard I’m just not sure it’s sensible to go around giving away professional secrets. I mean, if anyone and everyone had the skills to write ...

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