SEO is dead, but what marketing can we do instead?

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It isn’t often that an entire multi-billion dollar industry collapses almost overnight.

What industry are we talking about?

SEO or search engine optimisation was the art (or science) of manipulating your way to the top of the listings on Google or another search engine.

As a brief explanation for those who don’t know how search engines work.

There are billions of pages on the internet.

In fact, there are more than any human being could look through, so a search engine uses a mathematical formula ...

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Google+ vs Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – Who will win?

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We have been playing with Google+ since it first launched and thought that it would be worth a quick blog for anyone who is not able to access it yet. Or in a lot of cases, you may already have it but can’t work out how or why to use it.

There was an article a couple of years ago, discussing the difference between real world networks and social networks, in the way that they allow you to separate your audience. ...

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