Google Mail Strikes again

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Anyone remember Lonnie Gordon?

Well back in the early nineties, she had a hit with ‘Happenin’ all over Again’ and this is what occurred to us when this little beauty landed on the doormat. Yet again Google failed to disappoint, with a brand new address for us too. At least this time, we benefited from a middle initial, which was a first.

This mailer was a little less generous than some of the others, coming in at only £30, but as Tesco says to us every time we open our deep blue eyes, ‘Every Little Helps’. This is still very generous however, considering we are an existing customer AND we cashed the last £75 voucher we were sent.

We are building a nice little collection now and would gladly take any other Google mailers that people out there have.

At this pace, we may be receiving more Gmails than AOL disks!


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