Google’s other April Fool…

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Following on from our series of posts regarding Google’s regular direct mail campaigns, we have a had a few more arriving recently, but the best one yet arrived today.

As you know, KnowledgeBank are data driven marketing business, so we encourage companies to use direct mail, as it can be an excellent means of communicating with your potential prospects and customers. It is also highly targetable, with a proven track record over several decades, unlike many other marketing channels.

A slight downside from today is a record increase in postage costs, though these are significantly reduced if you send mail in larger volumes as a business, as you can take advantage of mailsort discounts and the additional discounts through scale.

Following on from the excellent Google Motion spoof, today’s Gmail also felt a bit like an April fool however.

Why you may ask?

Google April Fool

Well, not only did our latest Gmail bonus arrive – worth a further £75, free of charge, but in addition to this, it had already expired on, you guessed it, 1st April 2011, which was last Friday.

We might test this one to see if it works, in which case, we may not be the fool after all.


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