Klout – don’t take a holiday.

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Little did you know that during the past few weeks, KnowledgeBank have been hard at work designing our own roller coaster. In order to achieve this, we didn’t use any metal, we didn’t use rails, and believe it or not, we didn’t even use a pencil.

Incredibly, the design was formed without any effort from us at all, in fact, it was created simply by us taking a holiday at Christmas and Klout did the rest for us.

Of course, we do support what Klout is doing and we also know that it will develop over time as more comprehensive data is gathered and analysed, they have admitted as much themselves, but for now, we have learned our lesson and banned all future holidays until they have enough data to flatline us at 50 points. So, come on Klout and get that data gathered as fast as possible.

Now we haven’t quite finished the design yet, but the plan is to add a really steep incline at the end of the ride, so anyone who wants to join us for a ride on the rollercoaster, send it to your friends!


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