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WE HAVEN’T MOANED about Klout for a while, so now seemed as good a time as any, during the past few months. As you know we were trying to build the first Klout roller coaster following an unexpected 1000% increase in our TrueReach score.

All was going well for a while and we had just completed the first climb (out of the starting chamber), until we went on holiday for a week and when we got back, our Klout score had dropped through the floor like an evil dictator on a gallows.

Within just one week we were heading from title contenders, into a relegation battle, after a reduction in our global influence by nearly 20%.

Fortunately, we moaned so much about this, that the Klout guys may have flicked from ‘Auto’ to ‘Manual’ and suddenly, the blueprints for the coaster were back in play.

Our Klout score recovered back to it’s original high. We booked a hotel and got ready for the party of our lives!

When I arrived in the office the morning after the party, I was greeted by shock all round as the team broke the bad news it to me. All our hard influencing had been in vain – our score dropped once more.

That afternoon, we put together a plan. If we prayed hard enough in unison and did some chanting, maybe God would intervene.

Ed started us off with a bit of humming and then we checked again. Incredibly, He had spoken and Klout had changed their algorithm.

Satisfied that now the algorithm had found it’s karmic centre, it’s Yin and Yang and that Klout had finally ironed out the blips, we decided it best to leave it alone and like Schrodinger’s cat. As long as we didn’t check the score, everything would be ok.

I just logged in and…back on track!

klout roller coaster

If anyone else has some interesting experience of Klout scores, please feel free to add your own comments below.


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