Klout scores and their measure of influence

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We were checking out Klout which is a brand newish startup looking to become the definitive authority on social media influence. Although, this is a great idea, the algorithms are obviously still being tweaked, and therefore there are some interesting results. Anyone who floats in the online space will know that ‘interesting results’ means ‘controversy’. This is similar to when Amazon first launched their ‘recommended’ products, which used behavioural profiling to determine which marketing message to send, and therefore increase the relevance and subsequently their sales, well once they ironed out the problems, that is.

So we logged on and had a look at our Klout. It is difficult for us to say how much a Klout score defines influence, as similar to a marketing campaign, this is dependent on so many factors like branding, message, timing and so on, though a score of 50 seems to be pretty good. Extremely good in fact, bearing in mind the influence of the likes of Lady Gaga and Stephen Fry on most peoples’ twitter feed and how niche b2b marketing is.

Anyway, I am building up to something funny here as you probably expect by now, because we tend to have a light hearted view of most things here at KnowledgeBank. Once we arrived at our profile page, it was nice to see some recommendations for other ‘thought leaders‘ who may be interesting to us.

klout score

So now we are following Heather too, though we suspect that many of her followers will not require much ‘thought leadership’. Having visited her website, it is also clear that Heather obviously has a great deal of clout with her target audience.

I suspect we will find out pretty quickly how good Klout’s buzz monitoring is working too!


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