Klout, we take it all back…

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Further to our last post on the ‘newish’ Twitter influence scorekeepers Klout, we pointed out that we weren’t sure how the scores were calculated and we attracted a huge amount of response from other people like Tom and Adrian, who were similarly confused by the measure and how it is derived.

The fact that our Klout score dropped by nearly 10%, the day after we blogged about them recommending that we follow an American glamour model as a fellow ‘thought leader’, made us slightly dubious about the independence of the results. Well, today we take it all back.

Yep, as a follow up, we decided to have a look at our latest scores and we are glad to report that all is now well at the farm. The reason for this?

Well our ‘TrueReach’ score has increased by nearly 1000% since yesterday, which we reckon means we are now able to communicate instantaneously with a large proportion of the world’s population. In fact, we think this may be so significant that, in reach terms, this is the equivalent of the launch of television. On this basis, is it safe to assume that we will need new servers to cope with the response to this blog post?


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