Making Your B2B Mailings Greener and More Appealing

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Have you ever wondered why charities and insurance companies post out pens with their mailings? Why they invest in the pens and extra postage costs? Why they keep doing it?

The simple answer is because of the increased response. Statistics from the insurance industry saw reply rates increase up to 7 times higher than conventional mailings. You have probably thrown away junk mail in the past, often without even opening it. Can you ever recall throwing away an evelope or packet which obviously had something inside it? Well, now you can add interest to your mailing in a new and environmentally responsible way too.

A new promotional ball pen, with more recycled components than any previous writing instrument, was launched in the second half of 2010. The Envirostick features the world’s first recycled ballpen refill, plus recycled barrel and cap, so all the plastic components are 100% sourced from recycled materials. The cap and refill are both made from Ecoallene; a brand new plastic material derived from recycled Tetra Pak beverage cartons that are made of 75% paper, 20% polyethylene and 5% aluminium. The barrel of the Envirostick is made from recycled polystyrene, all sourced from Italy and printed in England, also cutting down the number of miles involved in shipping pens from the Far East.

The cap features a child safe breather hole, in case it is ever accidentally swallowed, and the barrel is available in black or white with a further choice of cap colours. A good advertising impact can be made as the pens have a large 45 x 18mm print area and using the Envirostick pen for promotional purposes will certainly underline your organisation’s green credentials.

Other ways to ensure your mail shot is as environmentally friendly as possible include always using recycled paper and envelopes and ensuring your mailing list is kept up to date to reduce ‘gone away’ mail and therefore wasted printed material. It is also a waste of money, posting to people who have gone away. If you are unsure about your own lists, contact a reputable data management company and ask about their data cleansing services. It is also good to remember that, if your mailing is successful, a good business to business data supplier should be able to analyse your existing customer list and offer fresh lists of closely matched prospects to try.

The UK distributors of Envirostick believe that it could become the ball pen of choice for all offices and bearing in mind the ongoing concern for the environment, we can see why. It combines practicality, very low cost and an effective way of promoting a company or brand.

We are currently distributing the Envirostick through our website and further details can be found here. An extended range of environmentally friendly pens can also be viewed online at via the ‘Eco-Friendly’ tab. The items are proofed and printed as required by clients and take approximately two weeks to be printed and delivered. Faster production service can be negotiated, when capacity will allow, if you need to get something completed in a hurry.

Distributing your own promotional pen in this way can be a really cost effective method of communicating with customers, creating goodwill and providing a lasting reminder of important services and contact details.


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