The most expensive direct mailer ever?

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As you are probably aware, KnowledgeBank have a strong presence in both online and offline marketing, which means that we have a view from both sides of the picket fence. We are not of the mindset of some, who believe that either one or the other marketing approach will ‘win’ the marketing wars. On the contrary, we think that all channels have a role to play and that some are stronger than others for specific types of activity.

After reading some interesting forum responses on Linkedin, this also seem to be the general opinion. Many people believe that using a social media approach is useful to find contacts, but to communicate with them and then convert them to a happy customer (and if you agree with @carlhopkins that someone should purchase from you at least 3 times to become a real ‘customer’.) At least in the b2b space, this requires some or lots of human interaction. For many of you, you will be glad to know that Skynet is a while off yet and you can go back to your sales job for the time being.

If we assume that Google are pretty hot at marketing, it would appear then that our long held belief that they cannot reach their core targets using just online channels, may be very true. This week alone, we have received 2 new Google mailers.

The first one is shown below and it is a pretty strong offer of £75 worth of free PPC credit if you sign up and a really powerful design. The data looks like it has been purchased from a third party or at least ‘cleaned up’ by them, as the address is about 10 years out of date and probably references the old BT exchange database, as far as we can tell. We also presume that this has stopped them from realising that we are already a customer and therefore it could be a very expensive mailer for them – £75 per mailer plus design, enclosure, postage and despatch, is possibly the most expensive mailer we have ever seen! Still, they aren’t short of a few quid I suppose.

The second mailer, shown below, is promoting the Google Display Network and has a completely different address for us, which is always interesting. This tends to happen if you are using more than one data supplier and not using an aggregator or third party in the middle to resolve these types of issue. This time, there isn’t much in the way of an offer and it isn’t very personalised – it says ‘Hello’ on the first line. This address is better than the other mailer however, and the message is pretty good, though we weren’t really sure of the call to action.

Overall, our biggest surprise is that we know many companies we have come across during the past couple of years who have stopped much of their outbound marketing activity, particularly anything with a stamp on it, so it is always interesting to see companies like Google out there direct marketing heavily. For anyone out there who thinks that their data is not up to scratch, then this should also be reassuring that even the biggest marketers out there are duplicating activity through using poor data too.


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