Now our Olympians are successful they can make millions…

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Just an observation.

Now that many of our Olympians have succeeded in their events, some with incredible achievements, the talk seems to have moved on to how they will now be able to make millions of pounds from that success.

Don’t get me wrong – I think this can be a good thing, rewarding achievement, dedication and success. There are a number of things to consider though:-

  1. I don’t believe that any of the competitors committed their lives to their sport for that purpose – the money is a by-product of their success, not the reason for it. Many of them would continue to compete regardless of the riches of becoming advertising icons.
  2. We spend much time criticising our ‘overpaid’ footballers for not trying hard enough when they don’t bring home the trophies, yet here we are connecting success to income again. Lets not make our Olympic superstars into ‘overpaid’ athletes only to knock them when they struggle to repeat that success.
  3. Bear in mind that some of our team came very close, but missed out either through injury or just not being the best on that day. We need a long term programme to encourage people into sport, not a short term financial mountain available only to those who scored gold.

In summary, Team GB is a team, not a one man army.

What do you think about the marketing opportunities for our Olympians. Let us know below.


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