Our Klout roller coaster is back on the rails

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Our prayers were answered this week. Without wanting to sound like a scratched record, you will already be aware of our series of posts on the measurement of influence in the social media space and the difficulties this creates. A new feature has been added to Klout since our precipitous drop a few days ago, as Klout now provide an explanation as to why there is a sudden drop in your score. Quite simply, it is due to an improvement in the algorithm they are using. How do we know this? Well, because when you hover over the nice big orange spot which has appeared, it tells you.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the improvement has had a significant impact on our score, first when they improved the algorithm it dropped like a stone and then a few days later it shot back up again. We have named the new feature ‘the plough’ as an homage to the constellation which it resembles.

It isn’t possible to say what caused this sudden spike in our influence, though it restores the roller coaster project’s aim to reach the sky. We were wondering if it might also be influenced by the Coronal Mass Ejection from a few days ago.

Klout Plough


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