Postage rise means we need to be intelligent with our direct mail

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HAVING MET with a number of clients in the last week, many of them are thinking about their direct mailing campaigns and the impact of the changes to the cost of postage. In some cases, companies have built their entire business around direct mail and therefore the impending price rises could even threaten their future.

An opportunity to change?

Having been delivering direct marketing for more than 15 years now, we think that this is more of an opportunity than a problem.

Data driven marketing is about gathering information about your customers and prospects and then using this to make intelligent decisions about who to send your activity directly to. By analysing the key sectors, sizes and profiles of the people who are more likely to purchase from you, you can reduce the volume of prospects you require.

It seems that many of the companies who are worried about a price rise aren’t applying these principles anyway, so maybe the time has come to change the way they choose their prospects.

Double your return on investment?

Beyond using better intelligence, by sourcing better quality data with the correct decision makers, the impact of a postage rise is further reduced. In fact, from experience, we reckon that you can probably achieve double the response and conversion just by addressing these two areas. That means that stamps could double in price and you would still be getting better return on investment.

If you remember that b2b direct marketing is about finding the right person, with the right requirement, in the right company at the right time, we need to focus on the targeting first.

The only people who should be worrying about increases in postage costs are those who are not taking the above approach to their marketing campaigns.

Let us know how you feel about the price rises and how it will affect your business in the comments below.


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