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We received this mailer a while ago but it was so unique that we kept it. I suppose this is another benefit of direct mail, in that your prospects are able to keep it and therefore refer back to it, whereas other forms of marketing can be quite disposable.

The letter is fairly innocuous and conventional – a simple A4 letter using the sub-brand of Mail Media Centre.

So far nothing exceptional and I think this may be intended. There is also a hidden panel behind the main page where you can respond using freepost. Well I suppose that if Royal Mail aren’t using freepost responders, then no-one should!

Ok, we have our mailer, which frankly we skimmed. Enclosed with the letter however, is something we were a bit surprised to receive, namely a free paperback book. Now this caught our attention.

Aha, we thought, finally the Royal Mail is going to share some secrets that we haven’t discovered yet. After all, Royal Mail are the masters of the post and therefore how to get results from direct mail campaign. When you open the book, however, all is not as you might have as expected.

Although you might think that this one is a bit cheesy, we quite liked it, if only because of the originality of the creative. In addition, if the primary call to action is to get people to visit the website, we can’t imagine how many of the recipients didn’t actually go there, so the assumption is that it did pretty well.

If you have any funky mailers, paper or email based, send them to us at and we will try to include them.


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