The Emotional Roller Coaster of Social Media

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As I arrived into the office this morning, I was met with a distressing scene. Two of our team, both fully grown men – one with a beard, were crying. One of our data guys, was literally uncontrollable. “Why,” he kept repeating, “why us?”

The reason for the scene of devastation – any ideas?

Yes, based on your extensive reading of our blog during the past 2 years, you are correct in your assumptions. The progress with our Klout roller coaster, has met with severe production difficulties. Not only are Klout now recording us as having no followers, but they have created a drop, which would induce unconsciousness on all but the most seasoned of fighter pilots. It’s a proper neck snapper as you can see below. In just one day we have progressed from being influential in the highest, to being a shadow of our former selves.

Klout roller coaster

We are not sure what to do, can we appeal, did we say something wrong? All we know is that we will need some radical intervention to get the roller coaster back from it’s current trajectory, back to where we want it to be – heading into the sky.


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