The next online revolution – your own custom gTLD

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Icann have announced the bidders for new generic top level domains (gTLD). For those who have no idea what we are talking about, these are the back end of your web addresses. Existing examples include .com or

To date these TLD’s have been quite restricted, only recently did the .xxx domain go live after a number of years of campaigning.

But this is about to change. Radically.

The New Domains

It was announced today that there have been 1,930 applications for new top level domains such as .navy, .pizza and of course .plumbing.

It is not cheap to get one of these new domains with a cost of around $180,000 just to apply and if more than one applicant emerges, the TLD goes to an auction.

The likes of Apple, Google, Facebook and plenty of others are obviously prepared to spend a few hundred grand to get their own TLD’s, but there are also examples such as .cloud which has several big names after it, including Amazon and Google, so that could prove to be an expensive purchase.

What would you bid if it you were Google in a blind auction? Maybe they will do a deal in exchange for some patents or maps or something.

At this point we could have a little game and try to guess what the eventual price of .cloud will be – put your answer in the comments below.

Third party domain speculators

Other companies getting in on the act, such as who have applied for around 300 TLD’s including .marketing, .accountant and others. According to their website, they have a fund of around $100m to get hold of these domains, so it is fair to assume they have a plan to turn them into revenue.

Having said this, despite applying for .flowers, .games and .sucks, they haven’t applied for .donuts which seems a bit short sighted.

The new .religion

Another omission we noticed is that although .catholic has been bagged by the Vatican, .mormon has also been reserved, but there appears to be no application from the Scientologists for .scientology. They are usually pretty hot on this type of thing, so maybe next year.

At some point we may all be able to have our own TLD, so start thinking about what you would like too.

We have no idea how important it will be to have a domain registered with any of these, other than for protecting your brand and trademarks. We shall see.

Have a look at the list of new TLD’s here and see if there are any other surprises you can find and tell us about them below.


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