What is branch and what does it do?

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THE LATEST LAUNCH from the founders of Twitter has set a few tongues wagging.

The big question on everybody’s lips is, “What is Branch and what does it do?”

As you may know we look at everything with our cynical marketing eyes, so here is our take on what Branch is.

We predicted years ago that Twitter would have to change. The reason for this is obvious.

Twitter’s Marketing Dilemma

Think about all of the data that Facebook have collected about their users. They know their age, their gender, their marital status, their interests and all sorts of other stuff. In marketing terms, this means companies and brands can create targeted activity and therefore generate lots of potential revenue for Facebook if they do this effectively.

In a business context, Linkedin know your work history, your job role and most importantly, who you are connected to. Again, this can be used to target marketing activity.

Twitter have none of this. They have struggled to monetise the platform easily because in contrast to the other social networks they know little about their users. In turn, this limits the scope for revenue as they can’t connect customers to sales.

We know this already, as Twitter doesn’t even class itself as a social network.

So why not make Twitter into Branch.

Well Twitter is exactly what it is intended to be and it works well with 140 characters. If it was to change, there is a very good chance that it would no longer work as well as it does. This leaves an alternative option.

Facebook and Linkedin see themselves as a platform on which others will build their own products and services.

Branch appears to be just that, but for Twitter. It is a new product which uses Twitter as a backbone. It also allows the conversation and content to extend beyond 140 characters.

Now with that cynical eye, we reckon that the motivation behind Branch and possibly Medium, the other new product which was announced at the same time might be related to this.

Failure to generate enough revenue?

It is possible that Twitter may not be able to monetise effectively, as the amount of content they can use to connect customers and suppliers is insufficient and that has led to a delay in their IPO.

If that is the case, it may well be that with a wider opportunity to drive content, they can finally do this without disrupting Twitter using Branch and Medium.

We shall see.

If you have access to Branch or Medium already, let us know what you think of it and why it exists?


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