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Well without sounding like a scratched record, in line with our series of blog posts on Google’s offline direct marketing activity, Gmail has arrived yet again, giving us something to blog about during our pre-Christmas news drought. This time, it’s different again and is advertising… wait for it… Google Ads.

Now this may strike you as a little strange and possibly paradoxical, in that you might think that marketing adwords by direct mail might just be a result of the recent big bang experiments at Cern. You may think that this is actually a construct in a parallel universe, but let us assure you that it isn’t.

We have discussed this before, a long time ago, when even twitter was a lad, but it makes total sense. You see, Google’s future customers are not on the internet currently. They have access to those already.

Indeed, their target market is actually offline and as these are the prospects they need to market to in order to grow their market share and achieve sales and profit growth, they need to target them by the most effective means possible, which means direct mail. Hmmm, wonder if they are doing any data management yet?

And on a totally separate bewildering note, we just read that the third bestselling book so far this Christmas is “A Simples Life” by Aleksander Orlov, aka a marketing agency and a price comparison website. Now that is what we call a marketing campaign…


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